By Bri White

Students walk by room 106 everyday without so much as a second glance. No one seems to know what happens behind this room’s door or even who is behind it.

Amber Hainline and Janetta Garton are the ladies behind the door. They’re instructional coaches, meaning they’re the behind the scenes and support a system for teachers.

Although they are both instructional coaches, Garton said she is also the District Media Coordinator and Canvas Administrator. With those titles tacked on to her job, it means that she helps out with all of the media options throughout the Willard School District and creates all of the Canvas activities.

Garton said one example of what she does specifically is when she did research and helped with the process of gaining the new green screen now available for student use in the library.

She said she is also responsible for school-wide Canvas surveys such as Courtwarming voting.

Garton said next semester she’s hoping to help launch a new Willard Schools mobile app.

“I really enjoy this job specifically because it’s a way I can use my strengths to do something I enjoy,” Garton said.

Hainline said on the other hand, she’s more out and about. She works more first hand with the teachers.

She said new teachers are a big part of what Hainline does. She helps with monitoring their deadlines for DESE, overall helping ensure they keep their certification.

Hainline and Garton both were teachers before they became instructional coaches, which is one main reason they decided to take this path. They saw how much work the teachers put into their teaching and they took the chance to help them behind the scenes.

Garton said that technology is definitely a strength of hers so when the job opening occurred, she jumped at the chance. This job allows her to still be in the school environment, interact with students, but also uses one of her largest strengths, which is technology usage.

Hainline said she enjoys helping take some of the stress off the teachers.

“I switched from teaching mainly because I was ready for a different kind of impact,” Hainline said.