Customers are greeted with a brightly colored chalkboard when they enter Naomi’s Cafe on Jackson Street.

By Emily Steele (Journalism 1)

As you are walking down Jackson Street, your nose starts to tingle. You get a brief sniff of a freshly made hamburger filled with cheese drizzling out the side and onions overflowing.

You start to walk towards a building with a red arrow that says “BBQ.” You peek inside and notice the room is full. Only one table and chair are left open. You walk inside and grab a menu with over thirty-five different meals ranging from All You Can Eat Cakes all the way to their classic Best-Western.

Several months ago, owners Laney Gomez and Adam Gomez decided to open up a restaurant.

Located in the heart of downtown Willard, Mo., Naomi’s Cafe is a family-friendly restaurant that offers all kind of meals, salads, appetizers and desserts.

“We named the restaurant after our daughter Naomi,” Laney Gomez said. “We wanted something different, and something that has meaning to our family.”

Laney Gomez said that her husband Adam is a chef at Naomi’s Cafe.

She said since he is the owner in addition to being a chef, he makes sure every meal he makes is just the way he wants it to be.

Another view of the chalkboard. 
A classic Best Western with fries.

“Making sure all the food we serve is fresh and to Adam’s best ability, Naomi’s Cafe will always sell you delicious and safe food,” Laney Gomez said.

Full of many family-friendly waitresses, Naomi’s Cafe is welcoming to all ages.

“The workers there were extremely friendly not only to me but also the customers,” former employee Andrew Mitchell said.

Naomi’s Cafe is small but can fill fast.

“Our biggest plan for Naomi’s Cafe in the future is to add on to the building,” Laney Gomez said.